Jan 29 2016

ICT4IAL – Milan – 2015-12-11

Roberto Tedesco

Agenda, info, and presentations available under the “Documents” section.

Jul 03 2014

New thesis on speech

Roberto Tedesco

A new thesis, the “Prosodic karaoke”, has been published.

Oct 16 2013

New video on BiText

Roberto Tedesco

A new video on BiText (multilanguage eBook reader) has been posted.

Sep 30 2013

New video on PoliSpell

Roberto Tedesco

A new video on the PoliSpell advanced spelling corrector/predictor has been posted.

Apr 24 2013

New video

Roberto Tedesco

A new video has been posted, for the PoliBook application.

Apr 23 2013

New Software

Roberto Tedesco

A new version of the PoliNotes client application (a “Windows Store” app, working on top of Windows 8) has been published. A demo video is available.

Apr 12 2013

New Software

Roberto Tedesco

A new software has been added: PoliBook. PoliBook emulates a paper book, on a Windows 8 tablet.

Feb 12 2013

New publication

Roberto Tedesco

L. Sbattella and R. Tedesco, “A Novel Semantic Information Retrieval System Based on a Three-level Domain Model”, Journal of Systems and Software, May 2013.

Nov 19 2012


Roberto Tedesco

New thesis added, under Topic 3: “Prosodic Karaoke”.

Nov 07 2012

Sections updated

Roberto Tedesco

The “Links” and “Software” sections have been updated.

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