Apr 04 2013


Roberto Tedesco

PoliBook emulates a paper book, on a Windows 8 tablet, permitting students to add notes and sheets. The application provides different views:

  • Opened book: two pages are shown on the display
  • Two opened books: two books are opened, and one page per book is shown; the two books are navigable independently
  • Book plus notebook: one page of the opened book is shown, side-by-side with a page of the notebook associated to the current book; book and notebook are navigable independently

The user can:

  • Navigate the book (by page turning, TOC, etc.)
  • Annotate book pages, using a stylus
  • Add sheets with notes “inside” the book

Designed and developed by:
Gert Petja, Licia Sbattella, Roberto Tedesco


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A short demo of PoliBook.

The application is currently under development; we plan to release the source code as soon as possible.