Oct 30 2012

AudioTact and L-MATH

Roberto Tedesco

Writing and reading formulas or perceiving the graph of a function stand in the way of a blind student for an efficient and complete study of Math. L-MATH provides the following modules to blind students.

  • BlindMath: a very efficient editor that allows blind users to insert a formula and obtain, as output, a Latex file.
  • TalkingMath: an application that is able to read a formula in a very efficient way by means of an original adaptative algorithm.
  • BlindGraph: an application that allows graph exploration.

A new cheap device, AudioTact, is able to generate, at the same time, sonorous and tactile stimulus, for images that have been opportunely enriched.

Looking at the graph of a function, a student can easily perceive elements of primary importance as: where the function grows or decreases; where the maximums, the minimums and the flexes are; where the points of discontinuity are. If the user knows them, she/he can find them, and understand how the graph proceeds. L-MATH permits the contemporary use of aural and haptic feedbacks to detect meaningful aspects.

Designed and developed by:
T. Barbieri, L. Mosca, and L. Sbattella

AudioTact: Pen for Vibrational and Audio Cues (prototype, Patented)

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A short demo of L-MATH (Italian)