Multi Chance Poli Team

At Politecnico di Milano, the MultiChancePoliTeam (MCPT) group provides personalized services to students with disabilities. MCPT supports students during their university curricula, fostering competence acquisition, and after graduation, facilitating their employment. Services provided by MCPT include psycho-educational counseling, university attendance support, teaching / technological aids, personalized fruition of classrooms / laboratory activities, distance learning, employment support, and international mobility.

Two concepts guided the successful strategy, adopted during the last eight years, that allowed MCPT to obtain a 0% rate of unemployment among our graduated students with disabilities: first of all, we met students, involving them in the definition, implementation, and validation of each solution; moreover we invited them to describe themselves, not from the clinical point of view but following the approach endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) model.

MCPT encourages and realizes innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects, using public and private funds, actively involving students with disabilities.

Multi Chance Poli Team

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